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At Auric Jewels, we specialize in affordable diamond jewellery. Online Jewelry sales are on the rise as the economy is driving people to look for better deals than what brick-and-mortar shops offer. By cutting the middleman and keeping our expenses low, we are able to provide exceptional prices and for that, we are thriving.

Why Join Us?
Our Program is free and if implemented well, can offer you a fine and steady income from the traffic and purchases generated on the website.

How Does it Work?
We will provide you with marketing material, unique product links and a backend to manage your commissions and withdrawals. You will make money instantly if you are talented and already have existing clients.

Program Details

  • Up to 20% Commission.
  • Exclusive Offers for your Customers.
  • Strong Affiliate Support
  • Smart cookie for tracking online purchases.
  • Orders and customer service handled entirely by us
  • The Auric Experience includes free shipping, 30-day returns, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.